What is ASP Web Hosting?
When Active Server Page (ASP) is supported by a hosting company, you get ASP Hosting.

What is ASP?
When you embed HTML pages within ASP scripts, you get ASP/Active Server Pages. The server processes the ASP and sends the page to the visitor’s browser.

One of the greatest advantages of ASP is the dynamic creation of pages from a database. Visitor interaction increases with the use of Active X or Java components.

How does Active Server Page work?
Typing a URL is a request for information that is on a server. With standard HTML the server responds by showing you exactly what is on the server in HTML format. However, with ASP, after the HTML code is processed, the ASP code kicks in and makes modifications before you see the page.

The simplest change is a display of current time and date, or your name if you are a user.

ASP web host and Windows servers

ASP runs safely on the Windows server. So, you need to find a hosting company that hosts your website on a Windows server. Also, with ASP, you need to process a database, such as SQL or Access.